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CashRadio My ID : cente
Get Paid to Listen to the Radio! CashRadio's rates are $.25 per hour for up to 80 hours of your personal listening each month. You can get a cut-of-the-action on every member in your network down to five levels deep. Here’s the payment schedule: $ .05cents/hour USD for directs and $.025cents USD for 4 levels of indirect referrals.
My Rating: Available Now! 
Radio Free Cash My ID : cente3
A revolutionary program which pays members to listen to music while online. You will be paid $.20 USD per hour for using their listening bar, which will be released on the July 15th Launch date. They reward you for referrals with free CD's depending on the number of people you sponsor as well as for their usage of the listening bar, up to 4 levels deep. Pays $.08 USD/hour for direct referral usage and $.04 USD/hour for indirect usage. Use of the listening bar is payable for up to 100 hours per month. International users are encouraged to start building their referral trees now. As they will be paying in your countries in the future. During PreLaunch they are rewarding users with one free CD (by Amazone.com gift certificate for $15) for every 10 hours you listen each month (up to 30 hours) PLUS, if you sign up before they launch you qualify for DOUBLE earnings in July!
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JackPot My ID : 191-9922
Jackpot offer a different twist to the get paid to surf concept. You download their viewbar and earn spins to use on their Reel Millions Gamestation (slot machine). You can win prizes that include cash, DVD players and even a monthly jackpot of $1,000,000. For every player that you refer, you win any prize that they win too! Available worldwide (except where prohibited by law - such as Quebec and Puerto Rico) They also offer the Rocketslot game which you can play without downloading anything and earn credits for clicking on advertiser's banners. And if your referrals win $1,000,000 you win $100,000
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100Levels Banner Exchange
100Levels Banner Exchange

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