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Get Paid to Send, Receive and Read E-Mail!

How can I get paid to Read Email?

AllCommunity My ID : cente
AllCommunity offers several paying programs besides a pay to surf program -- getting paid for reading email, for using their ISP. AllCommunity will pay 50 cents an hour to you, 10 cents an hour for direct referrals and 5 cents an hour for 4 levels of indirect referrals for up to a maximum of 40 hours a month. It is available worldwide.
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BirdMail My ID : cente
Get paid for using a free email account, daily planner, and note pad. Get 10% of points your directs earn.
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MoneyForMail My ID : cente
$.20-$2.50/email for you, plus 5% for your direct referrals.
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SendMoreInfo My ID : 245676
Get paid for reading email! $.05/email for yourself, and $.02/email for direct referrals.
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TheMail My ID : 422772
TheMail is a full featured email account with options such as signatures, filters, mailing lists, auto responder, and more. And what's even better is that you get paid for using it! With 16 levels of referrals the cash adds up.
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TotalE-mail My ID : cente
Get paid to read email ads. Get 10% of their advertising revenue for yourself, plus 5% for 4 levels of referrals.
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YoYo Mail My ID : cente
YoYoMail! It gives you a free web based e-mail account (yourname@yoyomail.com) and all of the Members get paid just to read their e-mail! YoYoMail! even pays you when your friends are reading their e-mail!
My Rating: Pays now!

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100Levels Banner Exchange
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